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April 20
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Ievgenii Lokhmatov
CyberBionics, Fractal

Eugeniy is CEO & Co-founder of CyberBionics and Fractal companies. In the personal asset - 7 years of IT-projects management experience; 3 years of experience as Top manager in grocery IT-companies.

As Co-founder of high-tech IoT-startup spoke at BIT 2016, IoT Conf UA 2016; his team took 2nd place in the AgTech Hackathon 2016. Partners, having executed their decisions on the company's products took prizes in different competitions (3 cases).

IoT: problems and solutions, world trends

15:00—15:40. Internet technologies

In this report we will tell about current situation in IoT, estimate the latest trends and talk about prospects. You will know about the latest novelties at the microcontroller market, about developer tools, what barriers occur in the process of IT-projects development and what are the ways of solution.

1. IoT-devices and IoT-projects

2. Popular microcontrollers: advantages and shortcomings

3. Barriers at introduction of technical IoT-innovations: from manufacturer to consumer

4. Features of work at the different IoT/IoS levels: vertically

5. Features of work at the different IoT/IoE levels: horizontally

6. Configuration of cross-platform interaction

7. Remote re-flash of devices

8. "Modularity" vs "Integrity"

9. Features of interaction between "Business" and "Developer" in IoT

10. IoT-developer tools

11. Constructor of smart things Fractal

12. IoT market in 2020