Ukrainian forum
of netizens
April 20
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)

On 20 April, 2016 in Kiev for the eighth time will take place iForum – the biggest offline-conference in Ukraine.

iForum committee has just started its work and forms the most interesting topics for the streams and sections of this year. We will declare accepting applications for the reports together with names of streams and then begins the most interesting - formation of the program iForum-2016. Concerning sponsorship and partnership you can contact with Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva.

Ukrainian forum of netizens is a social movement created by a group of enthusiasts. It is dedicated to the problems of Internet development and covers the whole range of related issues. The original idea of iForum was to gather all netizens of the country in one place for a cup of delicious coffee. In 2009 the idea was so actual that the meeting visited more than 1,000 people. And in 2011 the number of participants – 3743 people – was considered as a record for profile UAnet offline-events, as a result iForum has been recognized by the National Registry of Records as the largest conference in Ukraine.

In 2013 iForum gathered more than 7000 participants from Ukraine. Over 50 leading Ukrainian and international Internet companies placed their stands and was presented a large number of local startups.

In 2014 and 2015 in our opinion we performed an extraordinary thing: we have not just managed to organize iForum at such a difficult time for the country, but also gathered on it over 5000 participant. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who participated in this madness (in a good sense of the word) and look forward to seeing everyone again this year.

After all this is where you can hear a lot of useful information, meet new people and have a cup of coffee with old friends.

Event Format

The iForum format is not only a conference with the familiar reports and variety of activities but also invariable real-life communication of participants and traditional delicious coffee.

The conference typically takes place in four main streams with large halls and the fifth stream that includes all of the additional events in the small conference rooms simultaneously with the main events. In addition in the exhibition area will be featured stands of various companies of IT-industry. (if you want to place a stand of your company, please send us a request to

Our participants have an opportunity to choose the most interesting reports from any stream and to move across all the territory of iForum.

As always we will not have any paid reports - the whole program is made by the Organizing Committee of the Forum, based on the relevance and usefulness of information for the event participants.

At the iForum we expect to see the Internet-organization managers as well as technical specialists. Each of them has to get the most valuable information for him.

Internet business / Startups

Internet business

In this stream we would like to provide a basis for companies owners and managers through Digital channel for their brands and businesses.

The stream is about general trend of doing business in the Internet, mobile business, business data, systems of self-service (messengers), as well as sector of Internet of Things.

The reports will provide information on the following topics:

  • New trends in the Digital World
  • Mobile and Internet trends
  • Big Data and other sectors related to the collection and analysis of data
  • Internet of Things, devices and their communication
  • Legal issues related to the Digital Companies Strategy


Topic: “Go West”.

The section "Startups" similarly as in the previous year, it will consist of 20-minute reports. Each of them will cover topical issues for entrepreneurs. We will speak on the following topics:

  • Ukrainian startups search for access to the European and US markets
  • Strategy for accessing foreign market
  • Success stories
  • Attracting financing
  • Ukrainian IT clusters formation

Head of the «Internet business»

+38 067 117-10-07

Head of the «Startups»

+38 093 926-68-77

Advertising and promotion

In the program of the stream “Advertising and promotion" mix of Digital trends, Performance and Branding tools of internet- marketing, mobile advertising.

The highlight will be the topic of automation and personalization of internet-advertising.

We will also talk about Online PR, content marketing and SMM. For dessert - Web analytics and evaluation of internet advertising efficiency.

Head of the «Advertising and promotion»

+38 094 924-70-05

SVOD Europe Conference / iCity / Smart Cities Forum

SVOD Europe Conference

Topic: “Сhasing the big picture”.

SVOD Europe Conference provides a networking platform, where startups and entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe meet investors, experts, and business founders from Western Europe and the USA. The event has been actively developing since 2005, when the well-known boutique conference Silicon Valley Open Doors first took place in Silicon Valley.

The conference will comprise 20- and 40-minute reports, during which we will discuss the building a global company from scratch.

It will be moderated by Andrii Degeler, a journalist with expertise of working in Ukrainian and international media outlets (The Next Web, Ars Technica UK, Kyiv Post); a sender of ProCEEd > Newsletter about events in the tech business of Central and Eastern Europe.

Entrepreneurs and investors will talk about solutions of specific issues, which are typical for early-stage startups going to large markets (Pan-European and North American). They will present the tools and strategy for creating such a company.

We will talk over:

  • identification and testing hypothesis in a startup;
  • creating a prototype and WGP;
  • startup metrics and their use for decision-making;
  • building a team;
  • searching for initial investment;
  • business development in the European and U.S. markets;
  • distribution channels.

All reports will be in English.

iCity / Smart Cities Forum

In the 17th century, pulse of the cities beat in the marketplaces. The pulse of the 21st century cities beats in data centers. They - brain and heart of the modern cities. They determine, whether will be traffic jams on the roads, when you will return home from the office, whether will take out garbage in time, whether will be an Internet in the subway, how fast your medical card will be found in the clinic and how many days you will need to find place for a child in kindergarten. Health and economy, transport and culture, energy and ecology - it`s blood system of the cities. The nervous system of the 21st century cities - it's sensors, networks, "smart things" and smart people.

The "smart" cities - is it "buzz word" or real working concept? What Ukrainian cities are already "getting smarter" - and who make it faster than Kiev? What they have - what concept of the "smart" cities works in the world? About this and not only we will talk at Smart City - Forum of the "smart" cities. The speakers are waiting for you with topics about "smart" energy, "smart" houses, smart living, "smart" transport, security and also you will get acquainted with the Ukrainian "smart city" initiatives. Stock up on popcorn!

Head of the «SVOD Europe Conference»

+38 093 926-68-77

Head of the «iCity / Smart Cities Forum»

+380 67 4492876

Internet technologies

Traditionally, in the stream of "Internet technologies" we will tell you about what happened in the world of interesting technologies in the last year and what in the opinion of leading experts will happen in the future. What new approaches in development appeared, what should expect in the near future, the main tendencies.

Among other we will discuss the following topics:

  • The latest news from the world winner- JavaScript
  • Data scientists - who are they and why do they get paid so much?
  • Cloud technology: latest trends
  • Battle of platforms: which should be better for the following startup

Head of the «Internet technologies»

+38 067 465-61-47

The 5th Stream

Education in the Information Age

The educational sector is considered one of the most conservative. However, the ideas and visions of the past years multiplied on the efficiency and spread of modern technologies, demonstrating the rapid changes of educational traditions. On the stream "Education in the Information Age" we will talk about the educational initiatives of present and future in the following dimensions: formal, non-formal education, education for children-teenage-adult, education on the level of society-city-country, new educational standards in the IT, power sector, Smart Cities.

City of the future

Everyone dreams about living in a comfortable and modern city, where all the routine processes are automated, complicated systems are strongly connected with each other, and public services are so easy to use that even children can handle it.

This year, in the framework of the Ukrainian cross-country forum of the Internet activists - iForum 2016, we have decided to build a huge prototype of the City of the Future. It will be a thematic exhibition with the size of 600 square meters, where every visitor of the iForum will be able to become a citizen of the City of the Future.

In the City of the Future, companies, which make products in areas of robotics, augmented and virtual reality, smart houses, Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, data collection, and data processing will be presented on their stands.

You will be able to observe modern technological products with your own eyes, to have a talk with their creators, and find many new friends and partners.

We understand that the goal can not be called an easy task. But the successful experience of Smart City Area creating at iForum 2015, showed us, that we are trying not for nothing. More than 6000 participants attended our zone and more than 30 companies found loyal customers who want to use the latest techno right now.

Head of the «Education in the Information Age»

+38 068 363-45-11

Head of the «City of the future»

+38 063 069-68-45