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April 20
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Nadiia Ageyeva

The organizer of the International School of style and image (Slovenia), author of numerous publications and books, developer of training programs, teacher.

She stood at the origins of stylistics and imageology in runet, most of the experts today - graduates of her school or students of her students.

Technologies of good style

14:20—15:00. Internet technologies

It is impossible to see any technologies in primitive society, as they are a side effect of progress. And his engine, of course. Technologies exist in every developing science.

Style and image - it''''''''''''''''s not clothes, it''''''''''''''''s information technologies, including knowledge of competent forming of impression, made on people around.

Having changed a collar form or a watch face, you can easily change the impression about itself at people around. Because it''''''''''''''''s not just things, it''''''''''''''''s lines, which create certain associations. That is, creation of own style - it''''''''''''''''s information technologies, whereof you will know from the report.