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April 20
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Dmitriy Bazilevich

About three years works in publishing division of Wargaming company and responsible for marketing communications in Ukraine.

Total work experience in marketing communications - about 10 years. Before he worked about 5 years in specialized journalism, in the largest Ukrainian PH ITC Publishing.

Education - National Aviation University, Kyiv, specialty "Automated Air Traffic Control Systems". Also he studied at Kyiv-Mogilyanska Business School, completed several courses in SAP Marketing University and Coursera.

Sincerely believes that marketing is a "science of common sense" and that for a human with intelligence nothing is impossible, but there are unnecessary things.

Don''t wait for Media to write about you. Create Media by yourself!

14:40—15:20. Advertising and promotion

How around the famous and popular product, we have created, in fact, a full-fledged media holding - video, radio, text, periodicals. How does it solve the problem of products promotion, help with work.

Of course, I will tell you, why and how exactly it makes sense to do it to everyone else.