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April 20
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Nikita Semenov
SECL Group

Over 11 years Nikita is professionally engaged in web design and internet marketing, CEO in the international company SECL Group ( with offices in the United States, Ukraine and Russia.

For the past two years he spoke more than 50 times at conferences in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, including iForum, Outsource People, "BYNETWeek" and others.

The author of more than 50 articles for specialized publications, including «Forbes», "Business", "Six Revisions", "AIN" edition, "Habrahabr" community and others.

A serious approach to the serious projects

13:00—13:40. Internet technologies

For the last 11 years I have been observing how the big projects starting-up and dying. I have understood that there are correct approaches which lead to success and wrong which at different stages "bring down" the project.

In this report, I''''''''ll tell you what is more important, idea or implementation; what resources are needed for large projects, including the financial; which command you will need; how to make correct UX/UI design; how to choose the right technologies and to think over architecture; how to work with mobile technologies; what servers you will need at the start and why; how to get the first visitors and build the first sales, also a lot of other useful information.

If you have ever created or plan to create a serious internet project - this report is mandatory for you!